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Azura Holding

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We work with accredited investors on both debt and equity investments. Our debt investment team leverages both residential and commercial real estate. We conceptualize, design, and implement lending parameters for a higher-than-market yield. Equity investments are cultivated in the areas of urbanization and technology. We source globally to identify strategic regions which offer both growth and longevity of investments. Our current focus is in Western region of the United States and Southeast Asia.


Our founder, Mr. Joseph Lam has a long-standing successes in finance. He launched several successful real estate finance companies and has been a leader in product innovations. He developed modern day alternative lending solutions and technology that are currently being used in broad market. Our current mission is to expand our lending territory to include emerging markets in Latin America and Southeast Asia.


Azura Holdings senior management has long history of raising investment in real estate and finance. Our team is highly entrepreneurial with great track records of success will ensure maximum return in each project. With history of managed over $10 billion on mortgage origination and servicing, we can navigate through complex mortgage transactions


We offer a dedicated team of specialists committed to delivering exceptional service and advice to our international clients. As market leaders, we navigate through the evolving immigration laws and policies in an ever changing world. Our exceptional technical skills, business acumen, and commitment to strong client relationships and understanding of lucrative business opportunities for international business.



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